Whisky and Ice make Thanksgiving nice!

Thanksgiving – it’s all about the Turkey, the family getting together, that one uncle who entertains with his antics, catching up with cousins and more. Good food, music, people and moments which are unforgettable and vivid. A reason to celebrate. But what about the small things in life that took your breath away? In fact, we pass through the entire year with hundreds of these small experiences that go unnoticed but are indeed the reason for the warm, fuzzy feeling that is left behind with us.

Remember the moment when your best friend just called you up suddenly sobbing; you were so worried, that you had to convince her to stay over at your place. You thought it’s going to be all tears, tissues and heartache but oh my, were you surprised by the sudden turn of events! You both decided to play ‘MasterChef’ by sneaking a bottle of whisky and had a silly competition of the best whisky cocktail recipes! It was a cheer to one of the best friendships, don’t you agree?

Or how about when you and your cousins finally decided to go on that trek that you all have been planning? It was at night, but that didn’t deter your spirit. Some complaining, some exhausted, but all of you just pushed ahead! The branches were alive, with millions of fireflies glowing like wedding lights on the trees. And then you reached the peak. That moment when you watch the colour of the sky fade from inky black to a light blue, you were mesmerised. You just paused. You celebrated that moment warm whisky, slowly savouring the taste and completely owning that moment as your very own.

These were one of the most cherished moments of the year, and Thanksgiving provides you with a good occasion to say thanks, but is that enough? This Thanksgiving, don’t just be thankful, recall how those moments made you feel and then repeat them with the best whisky in India because even though life only happens once, moments don’t have to.


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