Get an insight on the best Indian premium whisky brands

It is said that it doesn’t matter whether the glass is full or empty, as long as it has Whisky in it. However, for some drinking whisky doesn’t occur naturally, it requires some acquiring of taste. Today, Indian Whisky Brands are also one of the best producers of high-quality whisky.

In the course of time, your taste buds will mature, and you’ll be able to partially distinguish between varied flavours and styles of whisky. Let’s begin with understanding certain ways to acquire a taste for whisky and whisky cocktails.

Get Set Whisky
Begin with Indian premium whisky brands that have lighter and fruitier variations. You can gradually move to those that have a slight more flavour and variety. Leave Scotch for the very last, when you have finally transformed into a Whisky warrior and have acquired a taste for top Indian whisky. The reason for this is that it has a distinct flavour and probably won’t go well with someone who isn’t a whisky lover.

Take a hearty whiff
When it comes to drinking or eating anything, you would want your nose to send signals to your mouth. It’s incredible how the sensations of flavour are a combination of smell and taste both.  For certain complex flavours, like those found in most alcoholic beverages, the sense of smell is far more significant.

As with most of the alcoholic beverages, there are some flavours to look for while drinking whisky too. Certain techniques of drinking alcohol will help to release and identify those flavours. For instance, you can just smell it and let it settle for a few minutes, then take a sip and let the liquid linger in your mouth so that you can get all the flavours. So before you take a sip of your whisky, take a hearty whiff.

Vessels to pour
Certain vessels are better than others to maximise the flavour. It is always better to serve whisky in a glass rather than in any other material because that can affect the flavour. Serving whisky in a “rocks” glass, also known as an Old Fashioned or Lowball glass, is a great idea.

You’ll hear tons of things from friends, family and acquaintances about how to drink whisky, which whiskies to drink, and how much you need to splurge. However, the best advice is not to listen to others, but only yourself. These are great guidelines, not strict rules. Finally, but most importantly, drink it the way you like it.

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