Not everyone is akin with the tastes and likings of freshly brewed beer. However, to earn a little beer cred along the way, one must know that flavour is the king and developing one’s palate at this very moment definitely seems like a great idea. To better your understanding of how you can effortlessly play the beer connoisseur among friends and family, follow this detailed and easy-to-read guide.


Let’s face it people, a clear, crisp, fluffy white cloud floating on the rim of the glass is exactly how you would wish for your Indian Premium Beer to appear.

The only two things that you need to consider when it comes to the appearance of your Indian beer are colour and clarity. Think about the appearance of your drink in correspondence to style.  From jet black stouts and hazy Indian smooth beer, appearance is often a subtle hint as to what you can expect on the palate.


Do not, I repeat, do not get hold of a glass of beer and begin with your first sip. Be a gentleman/lady, hold up – before taking a sip of that floating cloud of amazement, and let your sense of smell tingle your mind. Taste and smell is a two-factor authenticator of an amazingly crafted premium beer. Take notes! Form an initial impression before you quench your beery thirst.

Part of relishing the tastes and likings of a Top Indian Beer is appreciating the meticulous brewing process it goes through. And this isn’t just generic appreciation; there is a defined way / a specific manner to get the most out of the premium beer by providing your sense with an overload of sight, smell as well as taste.

How do you do this?

Soak up the beer’s visual aesthetic – pause for a moment to glance at the beer. Remember; colour and clarity. A soft hue of light, its floaty cloud, the consistency of the floaty head – now compare these characteristics with other brews in that style.

Don’t just soak up its visual appeal, swirl your drink around and be a nosy beer connoisseur by letting the aromas and flavours sink in.

Smell! It is a never-said rule that a significant amount of your tasting experience comes from a smooth beer’s smell. This is a three-way process. First, breathe in through the nose with two quick sniffs. Second, breathe in through the nose with your mouth open. Third, breathe in only through the mouth. This three-step process will rightly allow you to process the accuracy, consistency and the head retention of your beer.

Time to take a sip: Do not chug your beer. Be a grown human. Take a little sip, let it wander across your entire palate/ let your taste buds feel the tinge. Try to detect the varied flavours a premium beer owns – sweetness, salt, acids and bitterness.

Now that you are ready to take a quick sip and be the ultimate top Indian beer connoisseur; why don’t you buy one and let the beer-sipping celebration call for a repeat?

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