Don’t make Resolutions, Make a WishList for 2018!

It’s that time of the year where everyone is making up their mind on what their New Year resolutions are going to be! Resolutions are changes you would like to bring about in yourself and in your way of life, and we think, the coming year should just be about YOU. How about bringing all the things you’ve always dreamt of doing together on a wishlist? In 2018, take time to tick those points off your list and discover yourself.
Here are few things you can include on your list:
1. Stargaze and unwind with a glass of REPEAT, a fine Indian blended whisky.
2. Go on a solo trip and face your fears.
3. Skim through your childhood photos and hear the story behind each one, from your family.
4. A date with your pet, where you two feast on some scrumptious food.
5. Catch up with your school friends over a drink. Reminiscing about the good old times by sipping on one of the grain whisky brands, Repeat, will help you bond with your buddies.
6. Dust those sports shoes and play your favorite Indian blended whisky| Indian Scotch whisky brands sport.
7. Fall in love, if you haven’t yet!
Too many thoughts coming your way? Like they say, “Whisky always has an answer.” Why don’t you sip on a glass of REPEAT, one of the best Indian Scotch whisky brandsand start penning down your heartfelt desires right away?
Let 2018 be YOUR year!

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