3 Whisky cocktail recipes that definitely call for a repeat!

There are two kinds of whisky people, the ones who savour it neat and the others who gulp it down with soda. Here we bring to you, the third kind, who love relishing whisky with something more.So for you to get the perfect high of the spirit, we’ve got some classic whisky cocktail recipes that will definitely make you call for a repeat.

These cocktails are like a present you will be giving to yourself. So don’t just savour them, mix the below-listed ingredients right and make sure you choose your bottle from the top Indian malt whisky brand, Repeat for a long-lasting exotic taste!

Here are the 3 classic whisky cocktail recipes:

  • Hot Toddy

The hot toddy is one of the easiest warm drinks you can make. All you need is a glass of Repeatwhisky, honey, lemon and tea, and it will become your new favourite.

  • Whisky Daisy

This is a classic mix of Repeatwhisky, lemon juice, sugar syrup and orange liqueur.  You can also top it up with a dash of club soda for a more refreshing taste!

  • Salted Scotch Shot

This classic cooler is made by mixing caramel vodka and Repeat whiskey with ice cubes and is perfect for a warm sunny day. You can also replace vodka with gin.

As you know, there is always room for customisation. You can always add and subtract the ingredients as per your preference.

So, go ahead and blend these ingredients with your bottle of premium scotch whisky, Repeat to relish the perfect high of flavours.


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