Whisky – The Winter Sip


Some call it sweater weather, but we know winters as ‘Whisky season’. There’s nothing quite like the comfort of a warming winter dram paired with fabulous food. Whether you’re snuggled indoors or venturing into the cold for a walk, it will keep you feeling warm.

As the temperature drops, a drink of premium whisky will not only make you feel warmer, but it will also lower your core temperature. So, whether you choose to have it neat or in a cocktail, choose your spirit from one of the best Indian Scotch whisky brands – Repeat.

We’ve rounded up three cocktail recipes to help you shake off the cold:
1. Manhattan
This classic cocktail is the perfect companion to start your winters with! Mix 60 ml Repeat whisky, 30 ml sweet red vermouth with 2 dashes of Angostura aromatic bitters. Stir, strain and serve straight up!

  1. Irish Coffee-Whisky
    This drink is sure to give you the warmth required on a night when the mercury drops low. Fill a glass with hot water to preheat; empty. Pour in 150 ml hot, brewed coffee. Drop in two sugar cubes and stir until dissolved. Add 50 ml Repeat whisky and stir. Lightly whip the unsweetened cream until pourable, then pour onto coffee, slowly, over the back of a spoon, so it floats.
  2. Hot Toddy
    Hot toddies are great when you want a delicious hot beverage! Squeeze 1/4th part of the lemon wedge into a mug and leave it at the bottom. Add 1 tbsp honey, 60 ml repeat whisky and top it with warm water.

So, try these recipes at parties or on chilly winter evenings with the top Indian whisky– Repeat

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