REPEAT blended scotch

Top 4 Moments Which Call for A REPEAT

Some occasions are so life-changing that they stay with you forever. But instead of just reliving them, don’t you think they call for a REPEAT?

Here are some moments we urge you to REPEAT:

  1. Your first promotion

Maybe you were secretly expecting it, or maybe you won’t! But either way, you must have felt a range of emotions when your boss announced your promotion. That celebration of your first achievement in your career is precious and priceless. Why not ensure it happens time and again? And each time, have a bottle of premium whisky at hand!

  1. Your first ride

This was the first significant milestone of your life. It’s like you discovered freedom for the first time, owning your own motorcycle, making you are the boss of your own journey. No more obligation to take the same route. Recreate that feeling every time you have a sip of Indian blended whisky.

  1. Your first date

That anticipation and build-up before the proposal, the butterflies in your stomach and then the immense happiness you felt after she said yes! That precious moment is unforgettable! Why not recreate similar feelings when you ask her to marry you, and of course with the company of the best whisky in India?

  1. Your first salary

Your first paycheque is always special. Even now, every month when your screen flashes ‘Your Salary has been credited’, a celebration is in order. So why not celebrate the moment with one of the best whisky in India, one that has a superior and ultra-smooth blend of Scotch and Indian Malts: REPEAT.

We bet you; it will make you want nothing more than to repeat all your exceptional moments!

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