Repeat Cocktail Recipes

    • Repeat By The Bay:

    Ingredients: Repeat Whisky 45ml, Caramel syrup 15ml, Pineapple juice Dash and One Bay leaf.

    Glass: Coupe

    In a shaker add all the ingredients except bay leaf. Add ice. Shake and strain in the coupe glass. Garnish it with burned bay leaf.


    • Melon Basil:

    Ingredients: Repeat Whisky 45ml, Lime wedges 3-4, Fresh basil 3-4,Sugar 1 bar spoon, Melon syrup – 10ml and Ginger ale for top up

    Glass: Highball

    In a shaker add lime, sugar basil leaves. Muddle it gently. Add whisky and melon syrup. Add ice and shake well. Pour it in a highball glass. Top it up with ginger ale.


    • Whisk- Tea:

    Ingredients:  Repeat Whisky 45 ml, Plain black tea 60 ml and Peach tea syrup 30 ml.

    Glass: Martini rimmed with sugar

    In a shaker add all the ingredients. Add ice and shake well. Strain it in a sugar rimmed martini glass. Garnish it with a tea bag.

    • Repeat Your Spice:

    Ingredients:  Repeat Whisky 45ml, 1 small piece of Fresh orange zest, 1 stem of Fresh rosemary, Orange juice splash and 1 bar spoon of sugar. Also 2 to 3 dashes of  Tobasco sauce.

    Glass: Old fashioned.

    In a high Old Fashioned glass add sugar, rosemary, tobasco & muddle gently. Then take a wine glass add whiskey & orange zest & flambe it for a min. Now pour the whiskey in the old fashioned glass. Add orange juice and stir to mix. Add ice & then stir to chill. Garnish it with flambéd orange zest.

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