REPEAT blended scotch

It’s more than a drink

Every year there are some precious moments that transport you into a pure state of euphoria, like feeling the first raindrops fall on your face or blowing out the candles on your birthday cake or even sharing a friendly drink with your old man.
When the festivities come to an end, both of you kick your feet up, relax and find yourselves sipping on a glass of Indian whisky. It is a tradition you both stick to, every year.
You look forward to repeating this habit with your dad because it’s one of the few times when both of you are not busy and have nothing else to worry about. He becomes your friend and you his. Your adolescent dabbles in liquor don’t even compare to this moment, as everything seems right. You reveal how you used to pull the trick of magically disappearing when there was any housework or the time when you made unthinkable excuses for staying out at night or the best-kept secret of all, how your friends and you used to stealthily steal a sip or two and at times, even the entire bottle of whisky from his polished bar cabinet. He doesn’t even flinch, and instead bursts out laughing, confessing how he did the same with his father. You just look at him with wide-eyes and then crack-up in disbelief! But that’s the magic of whisky.
He speaks of how proud he is of you and it instantly takes you back to the old memories of how you used to peek quietly to witness this companionship between him and his father. And today, you finally have your own moment. So, don’t let today’s exceptional experiences become tomorrow’s memories, instead Repeat your special moment, because one shouldn’t ever be enough, right?

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