It is a whisky kind of life.

It is said, ‘Memories Last Forever’, no matter how old they are. We nurture and embrace them forever. Take a look at your old photos, and you will see that each one has a story to tell. Just glancing at them, we recapture those experiences and savour them once again. A picture of your eager pet, a painting hanging on the wall of your home, a group of classmates huddled together with a teacher in the middle or the surreal view from a hill station, they all take you back to a moment that’s gone forever. But instead of always thinking about these moments, don’t you think they call for a repeat?


How about the time you graduated college? You had been waiting for that day since school, of wearing that satin robe and hearing your name being called on stage, and when it finally came, you felt a sense of accomplishment. The marks, the grades didn’t matter, only the success of finishing what you started, counted. Relive that day, that minute, with the best-blended scotch. A symbol of crossing over to adulthood.


Or how about that unforgettable birthday? It was your friends and you, laughing and enjoying yourselves, trying to make sense of the world and slurring with the karaoke. You all gulped the best of blended whisky brands, one by one. That moment calls for a repeat. It calls for the top Indian whisky. It calls for a Repeat.


So don’t just travel down memory lane. Repeat the times, because even though life just happens once, moments don’t have to.

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