Indian Scotch Whisky

Best Food Pairings with Indian Scotch Whisky

Whisky is a drink to be enjoyed by the sip. The best way to enhance the flavour of that glass of premium Scotch whisky to the core is to pair it with the best grub (basically Chakhna).
While pairing food with whisky, one should not only think of the tongue but also of the stomach. The food you have should not only taste good but also be complex enough to absorb with that golden glass of malt.
Here are 3 basic foods to enhance your Indian Scotch Whisky experience. You can try these out with any grain whisky brand available in the market.

  1. Cheese
    Cheese can be paired with most of the spirits, and its versatility makes it a great partner for any of the grain whisky brands. The best thing about cheese, however, is that you can have it directly as cubes, make a dish out of it or use it as garnishing on your favourite one.
  2. Chocolate
    This is an obvious choice. What better to complement the rich flavour of rich premium Scotch whisky than rich cocoa! One’s best pair of whisky and chocolate might not be the same as the others. It depends on one’s individual taste. Usually, the stronger and complex the whisky, the bitter the chocolate to pair it with. There are many Indian Scotch whisky brands to try out the combinations with. Some people might just do the opposite to balance it out. It depends on personal preferences too. For the sweet-toothed ones, fine white chocolate can be given a try.
  3. Fruit
    This may surprise you. But seriously, give it a try. Tarts made out of sweet and tangy fruits like apples or pears, taste well with whisky. Avoid too tangy fruits like oranges or sweet limes.

If you don’t feel like having them raw, have them in a pie to pair it with any of the grain whisky brands.

And, if you want to go all in, just mix all of them up in a chocolate-fruit cheesecake, because why not!
Hope you enjoyed the blog. Let us know if you have given any of these a try.

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