Boilermaker – The New Years’ Maker

In case you aren’t familiar with the term ‘boilermaker’, let us get you up to speed so that this New Year’s eve you have something new to sip on. Boilermaker is the perfect coupling of a nip of a top Indian whisky such as Repeat and any mild beer. The classic concoction is then served in elegant glassware and accompanied by a small taste of cheese or meat to enhance the flavors that bind and mix the pair. Now you may wonder, why boilermaker?
Well for those who believe that you shouldn’t mix drinks, the Boilermaker is the ideal way to get best of both the worlds. With similar ingredients, whisky and beer blend to give you the perfect drink at the biggest party of the year! So, savour the boilermaker and pair it with food. Even the once rough and roguish order of a premium whisky and beer chaser has been refashioned into something more sophisticated, as bars around India take to pairing beer and whisky together like never before.
Pair the coolness of beer with the warmth of one of the best Indian whisky brands – Repeat and your entrance into 2018 as smooth and classy as it can get!
On that note, we bid you adieus with one parting word – Cheers!
P.S: Do not forget to click pictures of your party. We assure you this is one party you will really enjoy!

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