World Whisky Day

An Evening with Repeat

We came up with 7 new, unexpected and completely whacky, iterations of Repeat Cocktails to help you with beating the heat this summer. We then invited 13 guests from across Food and fashion industry to taste our ingenious concoctions and give us their verdict on them.

The exhibits for the evening were:

  1. Repeat-by-the-bay: A tangy mix of Aroma Bay Leaf, Caramel, Pineapple Juice and of course, Repeat whisky.


  1. Whisk-Tea: There’s Iced Tea, there’s green tea, and now there’s Whisk-Tea too- a combination of Peach tea syrup, Plain Black Tea and Repeat Whisky.


  1. Repeat Your Spice: A spicy cocktail that consists of Fresh Rosemary, Tabasco, Orange Juice, fresh Orange and the all-important Repeat Whisky.


  1. Melon Julep: The tropical cocktail that comes with fresh Basil leaves, Lime wedges, Melon syrup, a splash of Ginger Ale and Repeat Whisky. A perfect Summer time cocktail which will refresh you.


  1. Risky Whisky: A citrusy brew containing Apricot Jam, Lime, Orange Zest, water and some Repeat Whisky.


  1. Nutcracker: Hazelnut syrup, lime, fresh Orange cubes, 1 almond and Repeat Whisky come together for this nutty cocktail.


  1. Choco Repeat: An unusual mix of Chocolate syrup, Cookie Syrup, Ginger Ale and Repeat Whisky.


Out of the seven, the star of the evening proved to the Choco Repeat. After all, who doesn’t like chocolate, especially when it comes mixed with Repeat. Repeat-by-the-bay came a close second.

All 13 guests had a blast, sipping on our out-of-this-world cocktails having friendly conversations and enjoying the evening despite the blazing hot sun that they barely noticed. You too can have this experience. All you have to do is just call for a Repeat.

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