10 Moments in Life to Celebrate with REPEAT Whisky

“There is no bad whisky. There are only some whiskies that aren’t as good as others”

– Raymond Chandler


For all whisky enthusiasts, celebrations are never complete without clinking glasses. Glasses that either come with blended scotch whisky or blended malt whisky. Either way, they can never be empty.


REPEAT lets you have a superior blend of Scotch and Indian Malts leaving you with little else that’s more satisfying than sipping on a glass of our finest.Sohere are top 10 moments in life that call for a REPEAT:

1)    On a breezy winter night – When sitting out on the deck REPEAT helps warm your body while allowing you to savour the brisk winter nights.

2)    After a long day– Post a long day filled with a flurry of emotions, a quick hit shot of REPEAT can help you calm your nerves.

3)    Sitting by the sea – Listening to the waves sweep up along the shores while sipping on REPEAT has a feeling that’s pretty much indescribable.

4)    Unwinding after a day at the office – REPEAT will ease your body after those long hours at your office table and tiring commutes.

5)    Treating your friends – REPEAT as a brand gives you a unique, smooth taste that anyone can enjoy.So a glass of our finest to get the party started is a no brainer.

6)    Sharing a special moment – You want to capture this moment flawlessly.A bottle of REPEAT will help you monumentalise it.

7)    During a conversation – Amidst a heart-to-heart conversation, experience bottle-bonding with a glass of REPEAT.

8)    Celebrating Life – Happy about where you are in life?Celebrate it with a glass of REPEAT.

9)    The end of the day – While dining with friends or family, interesting conversations go hand-in-hand with a glass of repeat.

10)  Too good to say no, no matter what the occasion – Any occasion calls for a whiskey. Doesn’t really matter what you’re celebrating.

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